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A New Guide to Israel

With this guide you can discover the true Israel, the Israel of the 21st century, which perhaps has more to offer than all the stories of the past put together.

Welcome to HotspOTs Israel 2014

Discover the Israel of the 21st century!

Hip, hot and trendy HotspOTs.

Israel buzzes!
Centraal Israel

And that is the Israel we want to show you in this guide. Because without this Israel, your image of the country is not complete. Israel has become an ultimate holiday destination, where you can still ski until April on Mount Hermon, float in the Dead Sea or get treatments throughout the year, or swim in the azure blue water of the Red Sea, spangled with corals and tropical fish.

Award-winning restaurants keep popping up as well as boutique hotels,there are reputable galleries all over the country, and the beach barsalong the sunny coasts do not fall short of the hottest European ones!Dive into Tel Aviv’s nightlife or take a wine tour in the Golan Heights.

High heels
and designer sunglasses

Girls in Tel Aviv

Israeli women have definitively substituted their standard garb of T-shirt, denimshorts, and sandals that they wore until the 1980s, for high heels and designersunglasses. Designers are opening shop after shop for a trueshop-till-you-drop experience.

The no.1 guide for all the places-to-be in Israel
Mamila Hotel

Everywhere you go, you will find original places to stay or unexpected eateriesfor a fantastic meal.

That is the Israel we have tried to capture in this guide.Discover the true Israel of the 21st century!

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HotspOTs Israel 2014/2015

About the authors

Joanne Nihom

Joanne Nihom

Joanne Nihom is a freelance journalist, specializing in Israeli human interest stories.

Esther Voet

Esther Voet

Esther Voet is the director of the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, and former editor-in-chief of the Dutch Jewish Weekly. As a freelance journalist she has specialized, among other things, in travel stories.

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